Comparative Gas Mileage

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When looking at a van type of transportation from the perspective of gas mileage, obviously a minivan will get you the best mileage. They are the lightest and are built upon modified passenger vehicle frameworks.
After that would be a Full-size van along the lines of a GMC Savana or Chevy Express; you'll get 13-14 MPG around town and 17-18 MPG on the highway. You will get better MPG with a small block V6 or V8 engine choice.
Moving into the Camper or/and Conversion Van area, a fully modified vehicle on a full size van chassis is much heavier than a regular, lightly modified full size van. With more weight comes more fuel consumption. These vehicles usually get around 10 MPG in the city and 15 MPG on the highway. 
The vehicles at the top of the fuel consuming hierarchy are the RV or Motor home class. The bigger the vehicle, the bigger the fuel bill. You may get in the range of 7-8 mpg in the city with a hike to 10 mpg once you’re out on the highway. If you will be driving a lot you'll need to be calculate those costs into your travel budget.
You may find some relief with vehicles that use alternative fuels such as diesel and bio-diesel. There is a lot of talk of new technology diesel and bio-diesel engines. If you are buying a new technology vehicle you will probably see some savings, but his could depend on the area of the country you live in, for some this might be something not quite feasible yet. The same could be said for propane alternatives.
Traditional diesels may get better gas mileage but there are many factors to consider such as higher operational costs.  When you’re shopping for your Conversion, pay attention to the EPA estimates. There are even websites where you can plug in those numbers along with your estimated miles driven and get a pretty good estimate of your yearly costs.
Some people have played with the idea of going with a more fuel efficient SUV or station wagon and going with a trailer for their traveling. It’s an interesting idea but towing anything does use a lot of gas and with all the operational issues, tow packages, trailer storage, parking, hooking and unhooking, it may not be worth the trouble. A single vehicle van is much easier to own and travel with.
And of course, buying used can cut out some of the up front expenditure which you can calculate into your fuel savings. Research before you buy, come in and consult with one of our Conversion experts at Wright Conversions!
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