Improving Gas Mileage in your Conversion Van

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While we all love our Conversion Vans, but there’s no escaping that there are some higher costs relating to ownership. One of those areas is fuel mileage, while mileage has been improving from the manufacturer’s side for several years now on many vehicles, there are some things we as owners can do:
A lighter vehicle uses less fuel. One more reason to keep your van clean and organized. If you use clever storage, such as bins and trunk dividers, it’s easy to unload and load equipment on an as-needed basis. Work tools can be kept in a tool box (or boxes), sporting equipment in portable bags and camping gear in crates or specialty plastic containers. Toys and car seats can also be removed and replaced easily if there are places to store them regularly.
Carrying around a hundred or more pounds that aren’t needed at the moment will drag down fuel economy. So, keep it empty whenever possible.
Remember to drive the vehicle a bit more carefully, slow acceleration is recommended for your vehicle. Don’t think of it as a sedan, and more particularly don’t think of it as a sports car. Gas mileage improves on consistent, slow acceleration, avoid gunning unless you’re in a specific situation such as passing or faced with an emergency maneuver.
Of course it goes without saying that keeping your van well maintained will contribute to better gas mileage and will protect your investment. To maintain your van, make sure to comply with the manufacturers suggested maintenance schedule. You can perform some tasks yourself if you’re a do-it-yourselfer. For example, oil changes - you may like to do them more frequently than recommended if you live in a very cold or very hot area, or tend to put a lot of miles on your vehicle. Spark plugs and air filters can usually be done yourself too. Again, you may like to change them more often if you live in an area with a harsher climate.
Another area you can monitor on your own is your tires. Very often we drive on tires that are not properly inflated; have an expert at Wright Conversions show you how to measure and keep your inflation at the correct levels. This is one quick and relatively painless way to maximize gas mileage. There are safety concerns as well for having under-inflated tires.

Another important driving habit that should be considered is the short trip. Even though a Conversion Van is the perfect family car, gas mileage improves when longer trips are taken. Try to schedule all your errands in a bunch so you can get them all done on a single, longer trip rather than several short trips. It’s normal wear and tear of ownership, but just be sure to get your Conversion Van out on the road for those get away weekends you bought the vehicle for! It’s good for the engine and good for you! 

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