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With many consumers looking for comfortable, less-expensive alternatives to the larger, gas-guzzling Class B motorhomes, the Camper Conversion Van has become a very popular option.
Camper Conversion Vans typically look like regular vans outside, but inside you’ll find something very different. The front seats usually swivel around to become part of the living area; there will generally be a food prep space - a propane stovetop, mini-fridge and sink. There’s a group sitting/dining area that can convert into a bed. A Camper Conversion Van generally sleeps two comfortably; some sleep up to four, and if it’s two kids and two adults, all should be well!
Both Camper Conversion Vans and Class B motor homes are built upon a conventional sized or longer van frame. The Class B motor home is assembled specifically as a recreational vehicle (RV) at the factory; it is a van-sized RV, with a small kitchen, sleeping area, and usually a small bathroom. The Camper Conversion Van will be fabricated as a transport van with a more luxurious interior; or, a customizing shop can take the transport vehicle and create the camper magic that you are looking for if you want to do your own design.
Imagine adding an interior dining table with chairs that can seat 4-6 travellers, a fridge with a dedicated battery, a kitchen unit with sink, storage for cooking and dining equipment as well as all your luggage and gear.
Camper Conversion Vans are challenged to maximize space but, at the same time, be spacious and comfortable. That's where art and ingenuity come in. Camper vans are micro-habitations and the advances in design and technology are incredible.
The entertainment options for Camper Conversion Vans are truly mind blowing.  Audio options, flat screen TV, Blu-ray DVD players and game consoles. And not only that they are available, the quality is amazing; surround sound audio made available through the cabin or wireless headphones, HDMI power stations built throughout the interior for cell phone or laptop charging, built-in hotspots for Wi-Fi and on and on. You want to be out there with nature, but having those options will surely make the drive enjoyable, and those features will be fantastic when you want to use your Camper Conversion Van for tailgating!
Depending on how your customization was configured, you won't need electrical or water hookup sites for Camper Conversion Van camping.  Everything powers off the Conversion, but you can always reserve a site with electrical hookups to plug your camper in for some ease of use, but it won't be necessary.  You’ll also be able to function well without an immediate source of water.
Camper Conversions are completely self-contained, which makes them great for any campground. You can avoid having to pitch a tent in the dark, you can settle right in upon arrival in the big woods. Any camper or RV can do the same (though some require special parking), but the benefits and convenience of a van-sized vehicle can’t be overemphasized!
Wright Conversion Vans specializes in new Chevrolet and GMC conversion vans, with more brands coming soon to our inventory. Located in Wexford, PA, we have customers near Cleveland, Ohio, Weirton, West Virginia and throughout Pennsylvania like Philadelphia.   

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