Wheelchair Access in Conversion Vans

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If there is a member of your family with mobility issues, a conversion van is really the best way to accommodate your loved one. The latest technology provides much improved methods for getting in and out of a properly converted van.
There are many different mobility challenges out there and finding the perfect fit will depend on many factors. If your loved ones’ condition is going to be changing, perhaps they are afflicted with MS, you will need to keep in mind updating that may be required within a few years.
There are people trained in this field called Certified Mobility Consultant specialists. There is nothing more important than precisely identifying your needs and planning for the customization. Your loved one should be involved in the process wherever possible. The guidance a professional can provide is hard to overstate.
Make sure you are informed as to all the options out there there are new innovations all the time; this is going to make a huge impact on your life. It is essential that the whole family will be comfortable and satisfied with all the functions of the vehicle, from the drivability to the ease of use. The Certified Mobility Consultant can really help you out here.
We’re very fortunate to live in a time where there are a lot of options in the vehicle mobility marketplace. If your needs include the use of a wheelchair, there are variations in how extensive the accommodation needs to be. If your loved one has no upper body mobility, a different kind of accommodation will be necessary as compared to someone who has full upper body strength and motion.
One of the greatest advantages of a wheelchair accessible vehicle is that the person no longer needs to be conveyed out of the chair and into a passenger seat. Your loved one can be transported directly into the vehicle via a ramp or lift. this can end worries about falls and injuries to both the wheelchair bound and the assistant, and no more folding and packing the wheelchair,
Many of the latches, buttons and controls are remote controlled; often allowing the wheelchair bound to access the vehicle by themself. The chair can wheel right into position for lock down.
Another design aspect to consider carefully is whether to have the wheelchair entry on the side or in the rear.
For rear entry, the wheelchair will be seated in a channel installed in the middle of the floor, usually from the second row to the rear of the vehicle. But there can be variations based on the size of the wheel chair and other factors. The rear entry offers more ground clearance as the rear is generally more elevated than the sides. If your driveway is narrow or if the van will be parked in a garage, this is probably the most convenient way to go. The rear entry configuration is generally less costly as well.
A side entry configuration can provide extra room for maneuverability because the entire, or a portion, of the vehicle’s floor can be lowered. If your loved one is able to drive, this would be the best alternative. Side entry wheelchair accessible vehicles also maintain the rear cargo storage space behind the third row seating, so that may be a big consideration especially if it is the primary family vehicle.
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