Conversion Vans vs. Class B Motorhomes

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It maybe hard to distinguish the difference between a Conversion Van and a Class B motor home when you see them driving down the street. Both of them can fit and ‘live’ on a standard driveway or garage, and you don’t need any extra storage space to keep either. They can have taller roofs, and that may be a give-away that there might be something special inside. That raise expands the interior volume allowing passengers to comfortably stand inside – but still retain that compact footprint.
A Conversion is easy to maneuver, fits in your garage, driveway or on the street, parks in the normal sized parking spots, can be serviced by pretty much any mechanic and gets gas mileage similar to a family van depending on make and model, engine size, vehicle weight, city or highway miles and speed driven. Consumers often use the term Conversion Van and camper van interchangeably.
Conversion Vans and Class B motor homes are both commonly used as vacation vehicles because they are fitted out with amenities that are not found in typical daily-drivers. Both share a few similarities, but the differences are important to understand if you are looking for a smaller travel vehicle.
Conversion Vans make great vacation vehicles and can include some of the same accommodations of a motor home: seats that transform into group seating and sleeping areas, fantastic entertainment systems and tables that fold out when needed. And the Conversion can still be utilized fairly seamlessly as the family car.
There’s no question you’ll also save a lot on fuel over a Class B motor home as well as saving on maintenance. Although Class B motor homes are gorgeous creatures, they can be expensive to maintain even when they are working properly.
Both Conversion Vans and Class B motor homes start life with an average to longer-sized van frame. The Conversion Van is assembled pretty much as a regular transport van but with a luxurious interior that can be customized in thousands of ways – either at the factory or by a customizer shop. The Class B motor home is constructed on the van frame specifically as a recreational class vehicle in the factory, an RV.
Since Conversion Vans are ordinary vans that have modified interiors, they can be used the same way a mini-van would be used in daily traffic. Even though the Class B motor homes are easier to drive and park than larger RVs, they are not really designed to be driven as commuter or city vehicles. They’re great for weekends but it doesn’t make sense to be searching for a parking space in a high profile camper at the mall!

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