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You might think a Conversion Van is something that’s geared towards business or limousine hire. It can be, and those are fantastic, but you can find a conversion for yourself that is a great family vehicle, a man-cave customization, or an almost-camper. The term Conversion Van is usually meant to refer to any passenger van that has been furnished with specific features by a third-party customization business. From the man cave to a vehicle designed to accommodate a wheel chair bound passenger to a shuttle vehicle, Conversion Vans can be designed and constructed to satisfy a wide range of needs. Below are a couple of reasons to consider a Conversion van for your next vehicle.
For starters, Conversion vans are usually gorgeous inside and out. Celebrities have been outfitting them for several years now, turning their backs on the more limiting and ostentatious limo, looking for something more incognito (on the outside anyway). The interiors often contain plush leather seating, state-of-the-art entertainment systems with television, built in wi-fi, sofa beds, mini refrigerators and limousine-style lighting and much more. You can set up your own celebrity lifestyle conversion!
A Conversion Van can be customized for passengers but with a walk through aisle, very nice if you’re often transporting elderly friends and relatives. This is a very sophisticated type of layout. And those customized for tailgating or touring can be outfitted with fantastic swiveling Captains Chairs and entertainment systems.
Conversion Vans fit nicely on your driveway and even in the garage – that is if your garage hasn’t been taken over by storage! The Chevy Express or GMC Savanna, for example, have a top height no greater than 100 inches which accommodates the average garage door. And they can be parked on the street without catching too much unwanted attention. They afford a lot of privacy with specially designed window treatments.
And then there is the camper route for those who love camping and nature but find the whole tent set up troublesome. How far you want to take your conversion into ‘camper’ territory is entirely up to you. Even though a Conversion Van isn’t officially a ‘camper’, it is still commonly used as a vacation vehicle. The Conversion can be outfitted out with amenities similar to a motor home such as food prep areas with accessibility to water, refrigerators, seating configurations that allow group seating around folding tables and amazingly comfortable sleeping areas. You’ll find the Conversion Van offers much of the same fun and excitement as an RV or camper but in a much more convenient package.
Since your Conversion Van can park in your driveway or garage, unlike an RV, no special arrangements will ever have to be made for its storage.
Wright Conversion Vans specializes in new Chevrolet and GMC conversion vans, with more brands coming soon to our inventory. Located in Wexford, PA, we have customers near Cleveland, Ohio, Weirton, West Virginia and throughout Pennsylvania like Philadelphia.  

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