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Conversion Vans

If you think it might be time to sell or trade in your conversion van, you’re probably wondering how you can value it. This is a very tricky issue since it’s customized, unique and one of a kind. In many ways it’s very difficult to put a price tag on that. And then there’s the love factor.

Even if you could put a price on your beloved custom van, you certainly don’t want to low-ball it. And if you’ve received an offer – is it too low? What’s my van worth? is a very tough question to answer indeed.

You want to make sure you are dealing with knowledgeable people when you look for advice, even most auto/van dealers do not know how to price conversions. It’s not a simple formula of miles and condition, which most dealers depend on. Many more elements need to be taken into consideration…even the love factor.

Of course building conversions begins at the manufacturer level before they come under the conversion expert’s skillful knife. Automakers like GM, RAM, and Ford build a cargo van on a production chassis which then makes its way to work-van fleets and customizers for passenger vans and beyond.

When a professional is determining the accurate value of your conversion, they will consider those manufacturer concerns last.

What they will assess first is what the buyer will see. Seating is number one, do you have benches or captains? Leather, cloth or vinyl? Good quality on the assembly? Coming up next would be the sound/video systems – these have become very specialized and very important. Beyond that would be: carpeting or flooring materials, color scheme, cargo space, gadgets and more.  After all that is taken into account, then the more ‘mundane’ factors are assessed: engine, suspension, mileage, tires, exterior color and the like.

After considering all these disparate factors - keeping the love factor aside – the appraisal comes up with a number that aims to strike the proper balance between supply and demand, keeping and letting go…or, is it get rid of?  If it’s a love situation, you may like to tack on a little bit to sweeten the parting, just remember you can’t ask more than the market will bear.

An effective way of maximizing your selling price is to have some documentation with an expert appraisal, great mechanics’ report (including a service history), a good description of the customizations (and their relative value), accompanied by a firm price. This type of documentation is great both for selling on your own or trading in.

Let Wright Conversions help you let go of your beloved Customized van and/or get you into a new one you may even love more!

Wright Conversion Vans specializes in new Chevrolet and GMC conversion vans, with more brands coming soon to our inventory. Located in Wexford, PA, we have customers near Cleveland, Ohio, Weirton, West Virginia and throughout Pennsylvania like Philadelphia.  

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